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Closing a circle

Closing a circle

When the spell is completed and you've had a moment or two to collect your thoughts and recuperate you'll need to close or "disperse" the circle.

First thing to do is extinguish any candles that you've used during your spell.Do not blow the candles out. This is believed to "blow" the magick away from what you just tried to accomplish, weakening the spell. Snuff them out or pinch them out, but do not extinguish the large white candle yet. After you extinguish all of the other candles, you'll need to absorb any excess magickal energies that are inside your "bubble" that failed to be focussed into your spell's purpose (ideally, there shouldn't be any excess, but this may take awhile to perfect). This will also help you to revitalize a little, because if you performed the spell correctly, you'll be feeling pretty exausted (but good) right about now. Just visualize it. Once you've absorbed it all back in, simply visualize your "bubble" slowly collapsing (starting at the point directly above your head) back into your circle on the floor. Then visualize the circle collapsing widdershins (counter-clockwise) into the point from where it was formed. Now extinguish the large white candle (remember not to blow it out). The circle is now dispersed and okay to leave.