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Magickal tools

magick tools

Your Magick Tools are rather important, in some rituals compulsory in others not so.
Here are a list of the tools:

Athame: pronounced ath-am-e . This tool is also known as a dagger.
It is said to represent's the element Air.
I find that this magickal tool is used in serious rituals and chants.
Alot of coven member's will have one.

Chalice: this magickal tool represent's the element Water.
The Chalice is usually placed on the altar of the individual, it will contain wine or a liquid substance usually only for rituals.

Drums: are usually used by Shaman's but many Wiccan's use them too.
They are particualry good for spirit journey's. Healing energy's are also increased by this aswell.

Candles: are a the most common magickal tool. Many ordinary people have them in there houses for decoration. They are used for fire, and a grand part of an altar. There are many shapes, sizes and colours for candle, they are also the main part of candle magick.

Broomstick: there are so many children stories. Many concerning that witches ride on broomsticks over the moon!
Obviously non-fiction but children are drilled into their system with the thought that they begin to believe it.
The broomstick is actually used for 'spring cleaning' , in simpler terms cleaning out your house.
There are many rituals and chants for this~ most are fine.
The broomstick is also used in Handfastening's , if you jump over the broomstick you are said to have children!
If you do not want children dont bother~ it usually happens!

Crystals and stones: are a very powerful source of energy.
By holding a stone you can bring yourself healing energy, good luck or direct power at something negitive. Common in scrying.

Cauldron: this magickal tool usually has 3 legs.
It usually has to be heatproof as incense and candles are left in there for rituals.