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The Eight Sabbats

YULE: December 21

Celebrating the Rebirth of the sun. This holiday is also known as winter solstice. A fire and a Yule log are present. A piece of the old yule log is kept for the next Yule to light the new log....this is also used to protect the home during the year. People also say this starts the wheel of the year, with the idea that the years turns continuous with spokes making the seasonal holidays and occasions.

IMBOLIC: February 2

Also known as Candlemas, this marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. I also marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God during Yule. So it is tradition, after sunset, to light every lamp or candle in the house to honor the Sun's rebirth.

VERNAL EQUINOX or Spring: March 21

The first true day of spring. Days are longer and nights are shorter. Life is renewed and planting of flowers and trees is all around.

BELTANE: April 30

This holiday celebrate the merging of the Goddess and God and the young God as he moves into manhood. Her fertility is celebrated as well. time for maypoles and flowers...this is also a good time for hand fasting (wiccan marriage) ceremonies. This holiday is usually celebrated in a forest or around a lot of trees.


Also known as summer solstice. This is a perfect time for all kinds of magick and spells. This is when the powers of nature are at their highest point. this is also the longest day of the year.


Time for the first harvest of the year. The God begins to lose his strength as the days grow shorter. Nothing in nature remains constant and we are reminded of this on this holiday.

AUTUMN EQUINOX (or Mabon): September 21

Harvest is now completed. and the days and nights are equal once again. The God prepares to travel toward renewal and rebirth from the Goddess. Nature prepares for winter.

SAMHAIN (or Halloween): October 31

This is when we bid farewell to the God and he prepares to be reborn of the Goddess at Yule. Time to reflect on the past year and the coming of the greatest change in life---death. We remember our ancestors and loved ones on this day. This is also a prefect time to do spells to rid ones self of bad habits. This also marks the end of the wheel of the year.