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Wiccan Twin


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What is the diference between wiccan and a pagan?

A pagan is all witches put together eg wiccan, spiritulist necromancer etc so if you are wiccan you are a pagan no matter what type of witch you are you are a pagan.

How do i become a pagan/witch?

Well firstly you must get books to read and learn also if you can get a person who is already a pagan so they can teach you, also research all of the different sorts of paganism to look for which is the best for you. Last but not least search the world wide web in which you are doing now and soon you will know alot.

How do i know when i am a proper pagan?

you can call your self a pagan as soon as you begin learning about the craft but after 1 year and 1 day you could do the spell of self-initiation. If you are a part of a coven atn this stage then talk to them about the spell of self-initiation.