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Book of spells

Hi and welcome to the Wiccan Twin BOS this page will be comtinuly updated with new spells so if you want more then just come back and take a peek.

Good Luck Spell

What you will need:

4 clovers
Green tea leaves
1 blue candle
1 green candle

How to perform the spell:

Luck of the Irish Mercury's dice roll Wheather money, love, or life I need your help quickly Fill my being with luck.

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Keep Out Spirits or Other un-welcoming Creatures

how to perorme the spell:

Take Anywhere from 13 to 100 iron nails and bend them in half. Then you bury them, in a circle, around your house. Finally, you take garlic, mix in a pinch of mugwort and tarragon, then ground the mixture together. Once you do that, sprinkle this in front of every door and window leading inside and outside.


Drawing of Negativity


Go out into the woods and find a few pieces of wood. Properly thank the tree. You will need as many pieces of wood as there are entries to whatever you wish to protect.

The Ritual:

Bring the wood to your altar. Light a white candle. Sprinkle the wood with lavender oil and say:

Wood is a shield. Please protect my home

Concentrate on protection and pour this energy into the wood. When you sense the wood is pulsing with the shielding energy, take it up and place in around your home near all entrances and return to your altar. Say a prayer of thanks to the wood and the Lord and Lady. Redo when the wood no longer smells like lavender.


Simple protection spell

Say this out loud:

Shield of the Goddess,
On my arm,
Psychic arrows,
Cannot harm.

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Protection spell


orange candle
1 carnation

how to perform:

Place the carnation in water and the basil in front of the candle. Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Begin to concentrate on the powers of protection and say in a powerful voice:

I call in the guardians and the power of the masculine and feminine. I surround myself with the fire of protection. The earth's grace supports me. The winds bring my gentle shifts and the flow of water eases the enrgy of this time. I may connect to the pulse of life. I ask that this be done within the greater good. So be it, and so it is.

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Cat protection spell

Call your cat into the circle and draw a pentagram in oil on their forehead, then recite:

Moon Goddess, I ask
That you keep (name) at home
And safe from his msichief
And desire to roam
Give him the contentment
Known to his race
And see that they're happy
In this their new place.

divider thang

Dog protection spell

Call your dog into the circle and draw a pentagram in oil on his forehead, then recite:

Hecate, Dark Mother
In protecting this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
In defending this house
And all creatures within
Your sacred beast
Is your true loyal friend.
Keep him from harm
As he guards all he loves
And watch over him
So below, as above.


Psycihic Power Spell

At midnight when the moon is round lay your cauldron on the ground. Fill with mace and yarrow dried, stir it till your satisfied. Add one cup of alcohol, Strike a match and let it fall into the cauldron bright with flame, touch third eye and then exclaim: "As these mystic herbs consume during this dark and whitching hour, may my psycic powers bloom like a garden of spring flowers. Harming none, this spell is done, by law of three so mote it be!"

by Noel


If you would like to put any spells that you have on the Wiccan Twin BOS then e-mail them to please leave you name so we can put it bye the spell.